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    The only salt water pool in the San Antonio area.

    Euro now has Dock Diving and Swimming, have you ever wondered if you and your dog could take part in this exciting sport? Well, the good news is that you can. Diving dogs is a canine sport in which dogs are enticed to run the length of a dock and leap as far out into the water as possible to compete for height or distance. They’re motivated to fly with a prized toy, which is thrown just out of reach in order to help them keep their momentum and get the best launch angle possible.

    Dock diving and swimming is fun for both humans and dogs. The salt water is soft and will not harm the dog's coat. The ramp is shaded and lights at night are brilliant. Solor Panels make the water warm for both dog and handler in spring and fall.

    Swimming is therapeutic for senior dogs and often recommended as a low-impact exercise for dogs recovering from injuries. One should definitely check with their vet to make sure it’s safe for him to swim. Pets with a dermatologic disease, an ear infection, or open sores should avoid public water sources. Swimming can be used for weight loss in pets that have arthritis or other limitations that make exercise difficult.

    Private lessons are available.


    Price is $25.00 per hour or $15 per 30 minutes, each additional dog $5.00 each.
    All dogs must be current on vaccinations.

    Call 210-648-9141 for more information